Contour Map Creator

A tool to create contour maps on google maps.
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display contour line for polygon shape

Display contour line for polygon shape area. It'll be very useful to find and display the contour lines between a specific land.
Selvakumar, 11.06.2014, 12:05
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Can scale the map
Stephan, 24.02.2015, 04:10
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export data as KML

It would be cool if you could export these lines and plot points and any other data as KML so that they could be viewed in Google Earth with DEMs. Would be very useful for geo spatial analysis.
dep, 18.06.2015, 16:54
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Add a scale in ft & meters

Having a display to know what the scale of your zoom is would be very helpful
Josh, 21.12.2016, 18:42
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Use black contour lines

It would be great if we'd have the ability to see only black contour lines and each, or at least some, lines would be labeled with their respective elevations instead of using color coded lines.
Morris Yoder, 11.11.2016, 15:39
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option for contour lines without map

removing the map in the background completely to get just the contour lines
deeganto joardar, 21.09.2016, 13:20
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Is there a way to crop the contours to land area

Is there a way to crop the contours to land area, I am not interested in the bathymetry.
Sivarajan, 03.01.2017, 11:03
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increase sampling points

Great tool! I would like to create contours for a rugged map. To be more precise, I believe it would be important to change the number of sampling points (right now its 10x10 points I think - so some areas are in higher/lower contour regions...
igor igel, 11.03.2017, 21:25
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Be able to export as an xyz point file.

In lieu of just getting elevations, it would be helpful to get an x, y, and z point file. It would help those of us in the construction industry import the data into our earthwork software. (I'm not smart enough for CAD and huge USGS files) Even...
Mckenzie Fox, 29.11.2017, 22:15
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List height of contours on the actual contours

It's quite a simple idea, maybe we can find a way to list contour heights on the contours rather than have them in a separate legend
Mike van Varik, 15.01.2018, 14:26
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Generate pdf map with contours

Be able to generate a pdf map of the area (with satellite or roadbase background) with contour map overlay.
Mitchell, 31.01.2018, 03:24
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"Level Interval" has no bounds checking

Select a region near sea level. Now "Level Interval = 44". Now I'm seeing a contour line -22m (for Melbourne CBD near sea level). ie. There is no bounds checking. If possible would expect you to check lowest and highest elevation for the...
Robert Chandler, 25.07.2014, 11:20
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Great. But deliver filled contours as greyscale.

This would allow SVG import into CNC software for carving physical models from wood etc.
Ian, 20.07.2015, 19:12
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Ganga Yamuna

Iwould like to solve the problem of Polluation,Dryness of Largest Rivers of India
sktiwari, 19.06.2017, 17:51
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'Island' option.

Only use contour lines that are a complete path, starting with the outermost one. (*Love* this project, by the way!)
KeithFromCanada, 02.08.2017, 07:25
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export data as shapefile

Hi, If there is option to export created contours in shapefile, would be great. Also with higher level interval the generated contours are not smooth. I couldn't also find about the vertical accuracy and the reference data. Thank you!
Amit Haldar, 26.02.2018, 09:33
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Hex Map

As an aid for board/video game makers, could you have the line data points snap to a user-set hexagonal grid?
KeithFromCanada, 02.08.2017, 07:28
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Hinweis auf Ihrer Seite: es ist kein Geländemodell

Bitte einen Hinweis auf Ihrer Seite: es ist Vorsicht geboten, ist ein Oberflächenmodell und KEIN Geländemodell. Das heißt auf Hochdeutsch das die Bebauung, Bewuchs etc. mit drin ist. Also dann Einzelobacht.
Detlef, 21.12.2017, 08:13
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ability to use feet instead of meters

this is awesome!!! but it would be even better if i could change to Feet to get more precision.
Joe Moraca, 09.09.2013, 16:06
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"undefined" appearing in latitude box

In the newest version (change log 9.9.2013), on clicking "get data", i am getting undefined in the latitude box. please check it.
sai, 10.09.2013, 12:48
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Can't get data (it always worked before)

Despite success using this tool in the past, today it stopped working for me. When I click Get Data nothing happens. No contour lines are drawn. I recently had my operating system reinstalled (MS Windows 8.1 - using Firefox)
Keith Johnson, 21.02.2017, 16:00
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